I am unhappy with online gameng

see i miss old days when playing a game was fun where i didn't on online crap just have someone to play with and i can't stan dlc  i liked it more when hole game was the box online suck it nothing but jack @@@ teenager with i don't like smart @@@ teenage punks


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If you are unhappy then do not play it or find your happiness.  You could always get into computer gaming, which has a lot more older players than consoles.  Also, use your settings and change them to mute people not on your friends list.  Your issue cannot be solved, but it can be molded to make playing online bearable for you.

i feel the same way sometimes but i just get on with it and play as best i can with what i got. i find not having the mike in at all unless in party chat with friends is best. i dont want to be rude but you could always not buy xbox live and spend the money on older games and/or consoles if thats best for you.

he must have got beat bad last time..if it isnt your thing..stay away from it...

I give one more try

My suggestion is to change your privacy and online settings so communications (voice and text) are set to Friends Only. Filters out all of the crap.