I am the air-strike?

I saw the print ad that went something like: COD="Call in an airstrike"-----Battlefield 3="You are the airstrike". God help us all if I am the airstrike! LOL. WOW I really am enjoying this game (now I can get on regularly) but what a HUGE learning curve to fly those freaking planes. I am awful. Any "pro" tips? I am pretty sure I heard people screaming-"Oh the humanity, the humanity" during my last spectacular crash. Thx.


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Practice, practice, practice. Don't be afraid to hop in them whenever you get the chance. The only way you're going to learn is by doing so just ignore all the @-holes and do your thing. I also find planes easier to fly from the 1st person view rather than 3rd person.

Jets are easy...helis ugh i have no damn idea lol i can fly and move unlesh one run of hell then as soon as they have a lock which isnt long after take off then im screwed lol.....manuvering fast is the problem in the helis

Imagine if they had a flight stick peripheral for this game that you could have plugged into a usb slot for whenever you get into a heli or plane.

Come to think of it... are DICE and EA retarded? They would have made TONS of sales off of something like that. I for one would buy it.