I am sick and tired of.....

Flack jacket          Galil/supressor        Spyplane 

Slight of hand        (whatever)                 Blackbird

Ninja                       Claymore                   Attack dogs

Level 15 full prestiges totally camping every dam game and winning 30-1 with this class. I have another name for this setup but I am gonna be mum about it.


How do I combat against this? Why because it blows coming in second to these guys match after match and here them say on the mic that no one will win a match as long as they are in the room. I can't knock it to dam much but the camping with the whole flack jacket is getting me really



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maybe leave the game?

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LOL Funny junior but seriously we have all come across a gamer like this at onetime or another during endless hours of ops gaming. Im not one to gloat but I hold my own but every couple of weeks a gamer like this comes along and really throws a wrench into my slick/nasty game style lol.




Yes, I've encountered similar setups. I've also encountered players that seriously hand me my backside. The way to counter it is to not quit. You have to always be learning and adapt. Hint: Easy way to kill a flak jacket user is to damage them first. I use Nova Gas when they're pinned somewhere, then blow them away.

[/quote]Now thats something I seriously did not know. Now thats why I still make a thread like this for that one 5 star reply. Thats all i wanted THANK YOU Junior.


[/quote]Yea... Good luck with that. Nova Gas won't do anything for you. They couldn't of been camping, going 30-1. I don't know what game type you usually play but you might want to find a new one. 



I have a COD camping badge and the way I usually go without more than 3 deaths is by camping......

Flak Jacket, eh?

Spy Planes fix that camping issue.

Unless if it's Jungle and the guy's in the village.

Then you're going to get killed a few more times.

The ninja how the hell can you tell i am a silver at the moment. Seriously no jokes aside this new forum has me lost and not that i care about any poster being gold or silver but how can you tell?

MW2 ........... it took 7 kills while camping to have a flawless, scorlimit ffa match.

BO ......... it usually requires at least one death to have a great ffa match, seeing as the killstreaks dont stack..



I dont think I've ever seen anyone have a flawless scorelimit in bo.

I probably average higher scores while running ........ but my best matches have always involved some degree of camping.

(this all pertaining to ffa)

Ok....so....you wanna fighd aboud id?

I did say attack dogs calfase and i am a silver because my debit card was comprimised due to the other system having issues so my 3 month live was not re-upped. And THE NINJA where do you get off making such childish comments because I am not gold, come on grow up. If you have nothing nice to say then keep your fingers off the board ya'know.

I think ive played against you

Exaggerate much?  Camping and getting 30 kills?  I think not...

My advice is to calm down leave never place Black ops again and play Bad company 2.

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