I am P***ED!!!

This is some straight BS.

I was playing in a single player mission, and the game froze up on me, so I did a hard reset and I came back, and was playing through the mission and I noticed ALL my medigel was gone! I had like 8 of them. 

What ever, so I finished the mission, and I was happy to finish it as I've gotten the ten grand that I needed to buy the black widow.

Before I flew to the citadel, I went to explore a couple planets and noticed that all my fuel was gone too. WTF!?

So i'm like what ever, went to the refueling station........................
I look at my money..........and I have ONLY the 12 grand that I've gotten from the mission i've just completed....................... 

I had around 190K before going into that mission, and all of a sudden........12K...........WHAT!!!! WTF HAPPENED!?

It took me a hella while to get the cash to buy that weapon and it just disappears, and even loaded a previous save, and its still 12k.................... I'm done with this game for a while. 

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black widow NOT even worth it lmao

5 stars for really showing us how you reacted, I laughed. Sorry for your issue though. You'd probably have to go to the Bioware site to get any kind of help though, it's just us noobs talking round here.

Have you tried loading your manual save?  I wouldn't trust an auto-save.

[quote user="FueldRockets"]

black widow NOT even worth it lmao

[/quote]Very true. You are better off just upgrading the Mantis.

[quote user="voteDC"]

[quote user="FueldRockets"]

black widow NOT even worth it lmao

[/quote]Very true. You are better off just upgrading the Mantis.


Yeah, I bought the BW but still use the Valiant in SP.  Only have the Mantis V for MP though.

Love the animations but that's sucks brah. I'd be pissed losing all that money too.

They'll probably want you to buy the DLC pack to fix whatever happened.  

Are you serious??? All my ME3 achievements are gone too!?.....................something is definitely wrong here. I'm unlocking achievements I already did.

I'm on The Tali/Legion mission and I have infinate Medigel just thought I'd throw that out there. I see you have achievements unlocked but they are grey wtf!

man, this game is all types of messed up.