I am NEVER playing this game again

Just snapped my disc.... well not really... I bought this game off Xbox Games on Demand and just deleted it off my Hard Drive, so I guess the jake is on me LMAO.

But this is the worst online MMO of the decade.


 - The same 20 missions still show up in rotation (Judging the Jury, Los Santos Connection, A Titan of a Job etc.). We were lied to about the 500 or so missions. It's no surprise mission lobbies are now empty in Bad Sport games. Don't even get me started on the Last Team Standing elimination deathmatches being disguised as missions.

 - Online free roam is fun for the first month, but after that it gets very boring doing basically variations of the same thing over and over. If you still find this exciting, just wait until you grow up and will be able to drive a real car around with friends.

 - Races are still trash. Everyone plays them with 1 lap and slipstream is completely unfair (you can't even turn it off). Deathmatches are camping-fests, they always were. Survivals and Parachuting matches are repetitive.

 - Heists are still not out (with no solid proof they will be) and the Beach Bum pack basically added nothing.

-  THIS ONE HOWEVER IS JUST INSULTING: Rockstar have not patched a single glitch successfully in the past month... Tow truck freezing glitch still hasn't been patched (this is truly a show-stopper, imagine if you could freeze people in Call of Duty? A patch would be released within days).  LSC customs infinite money glitch was NOT patched successfully (you just spawn outside your car now, takes 3 extra seconds to do). Tanks/Choppers as personal vehicles was ALSO NOT patched successfully (you just can't get them in a garage, but you can get them delivered by your mechanic and make claims through Mors Mutual Insurance).

I feel sorry for anyone who keeps playing this pathetic excuse for a video game. 


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Lol cry babies go home.

You should change your name to Very Sensitive jus' sayin'

Attention seeking much ?

Personally I don't mind all those faults you listed. I think it's the best multiplayer sandbox game made to date.

I'm sure this guy said he quit weeks ago lol . The game is awesome , just some people don't know how to get the best out of it !

In short, the game does suck...  No way this game will have the long life gta 4 had.  I was waiting for this game for months to come out, now that i have it its been about a month since i played it.

Considering that this game is way better than gta4, I'm sure it's going to have a longer shelf life. You babies just need to play the game the right way and you will have fun.

I didn't like GTA 4 much at all especially after playing GTA SA  . As for how long GTA 5 will be popular for thats really down to R* and what their future DLC plains are . Hopefully more missions cars weapons etc and less LTS lol . I don't see myself getting bored of this game any time soon .

I wouldn't be half surprised if the OP has downloaded it and is playing it again.

Yeah just look at the empty wall in the gun store. Looks like they have a whole lot planned.

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