I am looking for Halo Reach friends.



As the title says, I am looking for Halo Reach freinds.  I also have Halo 3: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and Halo 3.  I can play pretty darn competetively, but I play mostly for fun+competetion.  If you are interested, then just let me know, as I play Halo pretty frequently.  Have a nice night.


Spartans never die :-)


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Hey there glad u popped by the site , i'm sure you'll be in the swing of the halo meets soon enough.:)

Hello! Welcome to the Xbox Live Forums!

I would swing by the Reach forums and ask around there you may have better luck if you want to find Reach specific friends.




check this place out too ;)

I don't generally use the Reach forums, but I'm a big fan of Halo myself. As you could probably expect I have ODST, Halo 3 and Reach so if you want to add me then fire away :)

hey i am just starting on halo reach and looking for a friend to play halo with