I am looking for a trickshotting team or clan

Hey guys im looking for a trickshotting clan or team if anyone is recruiting or will let me join message me on XBL Thanks


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I trickshot with fully automatic guns....

You can join my team. We accept Pay Pal or Bitcoin and all major credit cards.

trickshot, Sounds more like annoying kid luck shot.

"trickshotting" clans.............Only clans where if you join your w/l ratio goes down more than if you played solo :)

Well, there are plenty of trick-shotting clans out there... And all of them are completely useless. Have fun!

I played against some of these nuts in a few Search games, it was really funny actually. Just watching them all spin around trying to snipe us as we planted the bomb, and won the games 4-0 lol

Yeah,It's hilarious seeing these guys in Dom on Standoff and Carrier just spinning off of roofs all game,As long as they're not on my team idc.

personally " trickshotters  "get on my nerves 

but if the guy has fun  playing this way leave him alone 

with any luck he may get a squad together and you can slaughter  him and his posse at leisure 

if that's how u have fun then good luck buddy, but imo u may aswell equip an rpg and kill yourself over and over agen.

Reminds me of MW2, spinning in circles and luck = raw talent,,,,, Or easy targets for everyone else.