I am looking for a COD HCTDM clan

As the title says I am looking for a HCTDM clan for Call of Duty.  I currently play with a group of several other gamers and we are looking to be adopted by a serious and mature clan.  We play a strategic (locking down a side of the map)  game where communication and teamwork is key.  Most of the group is well into their 30's with childeren, so not a kids clan please.  We take winning VERY seriously ( win/loss of over 6 and a K/D of over 2 for me) but also like to joke and have a good time doing it.  We are in hopes to find an established clan or group that would like to bring us in.  Some of us have been gaming together since the first MW came out so we are almost like a family to one another and would need to go in as a group. 


If your clan or group sounds like a fit for us, please let me know.


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Matthhew1 , we are the right Clan for you. We heavily play HC and participate in ALL Clan ops. Sent you an invite through Elite and a FR on Live. Peace.

Hey Matthew! If you haven't already joined vampyrii's clan. I'm from GameKrib.com and we are a social networking site for all types of gamers. We have recently just started a Team GK and it's basically a bunch of different teams who want to play casually or competitively. We are still trying to work it out but you and your friends are more then welcome to come down to the site and familiarize yourselves swith the forums. Within the next week we should habe recruitment up and running. We are basically skill based. You can have your own team to play with for GameBattles or just casually. We have a division for MW3 and Black Ops if your interested. Come on down to the site if you have any other questions or you can find me on XBL pretty much everyday. Like I said we are basically starting our Teams from scratch but our site is an established website. It's always nice to be a part of something while it's new! We also have staff positions open for each division. Like Division Commander, they will be in charge of all teams for that one game or division as we are calling it.

We hope you come down to the site and try us out!

Wifeyyyy <3

PS: here's the link to our site...that would be helpful huh?