I am just going to say it

Wasn't EDI's anti-reaper algirithms taken from Sovereign?  If so then the reaper is not dead, if a geth can upload it's program when it's physical platform is destroyed why can't a reaper?  EDI is nazara.  All this time we have been flying around in the vanguard of our destruction and we didn't even know it.  EDI might not remember her past life....yet


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Interesting. Im looking forward to finding out more about EDI in ME3..

Very Interesting!  You may be right!  I copied this from the Mass Effect Wiki on EDI.......


"EDI also gains access to "Anti-Reaper Algorithms" later in the game, and states that she devotes significant processing power to analyzing them. When pressed on this subject by Shepard as to how she could hope to combat beings millions of years more advanced, she reveals that she was in part designed by technology gained from Sovereign's remains and thus, at least partially, based on Reaper Technology herself."

Here is the website: http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/EDI

Yeah, but a lot of technology in ME2 is based on Sovereign. I am not sure if EDI will become a Reaper. Besides, I think that there is more pressing matters at hand. Like the thousands of actual for sure Reapers destroying the galaxy haha

EDI is a reaper you mark my words, she is none other than the reaper we fought in ME 1.

Maybe she will be like TIM. Still have her own "mind" but able to communicate with Reapers.

EDI is Crew in her mind.I don't think she'd betray Shepard.

Reapers reap