I am happy now

I put quite a few hours into the game at launch playing through to the end but missing the majority of side quests. Every time I have tried to play through again, I have been put off by what, for me, was a game breaking bug. Namely the one where your arms disjointed from their sockets and any held weapon moved to the top of the screen. I know I am going to be shot down in flames for saying this was a game breaking bug but it was for me as it destroyed any imersion, ie sneaking through a dark corridor then having to spin round on the spot trying to relocate my arms every few minutes,.

However this is not the case anymore. After a 16mb update, the biggest I have seen on the xbox, I can now sneak around with any weapon to my hearts content

Many thanks to whoever at Obsidian who fixed this, you have made me one happy bunny (just do it a bit faster next time please ).


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Never encountered that bug, but I am a happy bunny as well lls

Congrats to both of ya.  I had that nearly 300 MB patch added to mine & there's still slowdowns in certain places though admittedly far less then they were.  Is the one you're referring to in addition to that one?  

I don't mind texture glitches, just glitches that make it impossible to do anything. Like being locked in your suite, or unable to complete a main quest, or the game crashing and losing hours of work (I save ever 2-3 mins but when it crashed my last 10 saves become corrupted and useless somehow).

God that glitch pissed me off since launch. I'm so happy that its gone now.

The game should not of had this many glitch's to begin with :P

great I hope the new dlc dose not have glitches

[quote user="Sir Ryuu"]

great I hope the new dlc dose not have glitches


All I can say is "lol"