I am creating a VERY skilled clan for Black Ops and Wodern Warfare

Team Deathmatch and Search And Destroy will be our game types.... This will be a very elite clan with only great players being allowed to join....

K/D must be at the very least 1.50 OR you have to come very close to beating me on a 1v1 game (My K/D is 2.00)

The Reason I am making this clan is because I am sick of terrible teammates making me lose! So if you are in the same boat as me send me a message and we can get a tryout started.

this will be a casual guild to start we may be competitive in the future but at the start just regular games.... Right now its just me and my brother and we will only have a maximum of 20 members at a time because as I said this is an elite group that I will be making.

The clan name is  "Delta Force"


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Just pointing out as some friendly advice. But I know pro players who have less than a 1.50 k/d. I have played on top teams with players that have 1.30 kd ratios a.d were amazing players and have also played with players who had 2.0 k/d that were crap in competitive play. I know you said you are going casual at first but if you go competitive you might want to consider other things beside 1v1 and k/d ratio. Like what game types they play w/l how much do they dash board, team work skills, call outs and overall map .knowledge. Also you will need to learn all MLG variant game types such as Hardpoint, SND, CTF and domo. I hope you wont take this the wrong way  and I hope it will benefit you.

Also I noticed  you applied for our team. All our competitive players are over 1.5 with the exception of maybe 2 and they are way better than there K/D leads you to believe. We are not a Top MLG team yet but we hold our own very well. Your more than welcome to play with us and we can try you out.

did you still want to join overpowered gaming? if so just apply @ overpoweredgaming.enjin.com :) thanks

Here we go agin high K/D and have skill..!!!!

K/D is all that matters in TDM and Search and Destroy  friends......and if someone has a high K/D they are  generally good at all game types however people who have low K/D you never can tell......Notice how most people who say "Its not all about K/D" generally have very bad K/D.