i agree

THAT THIS GAME BLOWS all it  has is a good story line 

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I enjoyed both games although the second was way too short.  I hope they make a 3rd game, but maybe set during NJO or OR and put an end to the Starkiller arc.  The gameplay was great, I enjoyed playing a game where a jedi actually uses the force.  It's dissapointing that whether it's a movie,show or game the jedi don't use the force very much.  Hideous disease in a canister falling to the ground that could kill all life in a star system?  Let's not just use telekenesis, let's dive and hopefully catch it!

The problem is they went way too over the top trying to make Starkiller so badass, that ultimately it just gets to be a little too much. The story was ok in the second, much better in the first. If they make a third they need to take time and develop it, not just design a character who can throw the force around like a sledgehammer everywhere he goes. Whatever happened to training with the force and slowly improving your character?

the storyline sucked, the levels were short, my only hope is that they don't *** up 3