Hydro Thunder Hurricane Black Screen!

My wife just recently purchased Hydro Thunder Hurricane off of the xbox marketplace (the Countdown to 2013 sale) and it works for all profiles except for mine. Every time i try loading the game, i just get a black screen (my amp then changes to No Data meaning the xbox froze). I have tried going into the game under my wifes profile then switching to mine once the game loads only to receive the same freezing problem. I have tried deleting the game, then my profile, then cleared the system cache, rebooted my console, re-downloaded my profile, then re-downloaded Hydro Thunder Hurricane from my wifes download history. None of the previous steps have fixed my dilemma. Is there any way to fix this problem as my wife bought this game for me and it won't launch under my account.


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As long as the profile plays the game on the console it was bought on, it will work. All my other profiles are able to play Hydro Thunder except my profile, which just recieves a black screen when trying to launch the game. My wifes profile being signed in or out has nothing to do with the problem at hand. She has purchased multiple games on our xbox and every profile has been able to play each game without having her profile signed in. There is a glitch or problem with Hydro Thunder itself as its the ONLY game my profile can not launch.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but aren't arcade games only suppose to work for only the person who bought it?

Or if you want someone else to play, the owner's profile must be signed on at the same time.

But, I may be wrong so don't take my word.