HW Clan : SoulFire

Welcome to SF,

I am currently recruiting players above level 31(for ranked match purposes included). I have made this clan since there are no clans in the happy wars forum. This clan's sole purpose is to win games constantly as a team. If your interested add my Gamer Tag : TriggerTrix and we'll will be able to test try you out. You will need a Mic for call outs. I live in London, so the time zone for me is GMT+0, please remember this as i will be stating what times our weekly practice will be on.

Currently required players 14

There will be two divisions in our team as well as a captain for each division.

The first division will be the offensive  ( main role to steam plow to the enemies castle, avoiding detection from opponents team)

Spots available for offensive : 

  • 2 clerics
  • 2 mages
  • 3 warriors

The second division will be the defensive ( main role to defend our castle from opponents)

Spots available for defensive(may change due to skilled players):

  • 2 clerics
  • 1 mage
  • 4 warriors 

I will go into tactics of our clan and what mods you will need for your items for the division your in, if you manage to join the crew.

If your interested in joining, leave a message on my forum and add my gamer tag.


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Yeah but youll always have the occasional team who will steam roll you even if you have a team like you are hoping for, so your tactics dont mean a thing when you come up against them.Plus, why should we adapt to YOUR mod layouts and not what we like best? How does that work out in OUR favor then?

Is this "clan" even still around?

If you got a cleric spot open i'd like to tryout, only level 24 but i know how to infiltrate enemy castle's and resurrect people, have quie a few premiums that help as well such as cool sunglasses with tactical up lvl2/3 with cannon shot up lvl 3 (for castle defence)

Mainly just tired of getting dropped from games.

@ Bloodtox I suggest a defensive cleric for you as you have defensive mods, if progress comes along I will put you forward to offensive Cleric assuming you have passed the try outs. please add my gamer tag, I will go through it in detail a bit more.

@steve I accept your challenge although not the date, I am sure we can arrange something that will work for us both. However, I will not reveal anything apart from the time and date of the clan vs "team" match. Sound good?

@ Neko Chan x3 Add my gamer tag if you wish to join the team, you can decide whether you want offensive cleric or mage if you pass try outs.

I;m just beggining but  i wouldn't mind playing with u guys and no mic

The tactics are something to follow, so that your know what to do. Whereas the items buffs are more recommended guidelines for offensive and defensive positions...

Wouldn't that set the 2 parties against each other?

Wouldn't it be better now to have an 8 player team, 3 defense 3 offense and 2 center?

If it doesn't and you want a good warrior on your team I will see what your team offers.

I have all my gear set up for rush, I can play either offense or defense. does not matter.

lvl 37 right now, stacked with super premium items, Strong player.


People who laugh at tryouts are those who would not pass them.

happens every time, Weak people will be weak!

Will be sending you a message.

@ Unholy Hitman

I have tactics that cater to each situation the team is facing, along with call outs, therefore through communication as a team will get rid of the current problem, presuming there is one and deal with it efficiently and get back on track to plan A. As CAS Zonday stated, we will be working as a team therefore each division will need different mods to handle their strategy. Offensive will differ from Defensive mods for obvious reasons... which i hope by now, you understand.  

well then you should play our team 2 night,and if half your team doesnt quit you can show me those proven tactics

um.. i like the wa op has set this up,every team need a leader,yes? instead of 15 ppl running around with their own little plans...a unified,and easily explained sratgey is key to success... if you wish to join him,these are his guidelines,nobody said you had to join,lol ^^;  as for myself,you can enlist me if you like,ill play any class,though i favored cleric to start simply for rushing castle and getting that battering ram up and rdy! fter that i tend to swucth to warrior to push offense to enemy castle,or ill go mage to stay at our castle to defned (lightning strikes from saftey of inside castle)  i use two weps for mage,1 has construst 3,samsh effect and smash power up 2,that one is for pushing offense and formidible foes. the other is wand of canary,1365 magic,used simply to killkillkill! xD

  when i finally get a white construst up 3..my cleric will be silghtly faster. i have to sope with c2 for now,ill lose the uselsss antimat3 when that happens,lol ^^;

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