hunting man eating prey questions.

Im on PS3 i do get the 0 prompt to dodge but im missing it bc it turns red which means you missed and the killer is on top ya eating away your health.

1) when exsactly do you press the dodge button the instant it pops? I noticed on a vid it turns blue on a succesfull dodge.

2) bears i hear it takes 6 arrows what abought a side arm gun? Guns will damage the pelt right? Also it takes 2 arrows for a wolf. Same for a cat?

3) Just how do you kill the big attacking animals?


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All those animals I use my hidden blade on. If I can air assassinate, I will, otherwise I get them in a charge and time my button presses.

If you are having trouble doing the quick-time events for killing the bigger animals, I would like to suggest you call your horse, gallop right up next to the bear (or elk) and try air assassinating the animals with your hidden blade by jumping off your horse.  This method is a lot quicker than waiting around, perched on a tree branch.  Plus it also has the "cool" factor of air assassinating a huge animal by jumping off the back of a moving horse which is completely and totally boss.


A word of caution: you can miss while attempting this so make sure the animal is slow and try to ride up alongside them or try to catch them by surprise.  I do not recommend you do this with smaller, faster animals (like rabbits) because you have a higher chance of missing them.


Good luck.



One of the challenge sets calls for that move as well.