Hunting in GTA Online

I know there is hunting in the SP, but i cant seem to find a good spot to hunt online....I went to Mt chilead and found nothing!

Any help would be appreciated.


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In reality they need to add the animals on the online, bob cats/cougars and deer in the mountains, and make it so we can go hunting, and possibly be able to buy different dogs for our self which would play around at our apartments unless we went there and asked them to follow us. But then you'd have that factor which people would say "How cruel it is to shoot another persons dog".

Considering R* perfected hunting in RDR, you would think it would be in gta 5 online (it's in the sp)

I dont think there are any animals in online.

Yep. I really wouldn't mind haven pet dogs around the apartment though, play fetch in the garage or something. I was thinking of doing a post of things that should be added soon lol.

^^ that would make you a bad sport.