I am relatively new to Borderlands, and I was curious as to what the community thinks of the Hunter class. No doubt I have a limitless amount of questions, but a few major ones would be: Where to spend my skill points?... What should my weapon "load-out" look like?... Which quests to do.. etc. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hunter is a very interesting class no doubt and can be built very diverse. As he is skilled with revolvers and snipers. He can either be a long distance fighter sniping away targets before they even get near, or as I like to build it as a "glass cannon" fragile but can deal out the most damage in the game.

A definite must for a hunter is to max out a skill called: "Trespass" which allows you to bypass enemy shields. Bloodwing is you skill and can get you out of most tight spots when things get overwhelming, so regardless of the build always have points into it's tree. Weapons? Well that's up to you, test them out and see what works as there is a limitless number of them in the game. I am sure others will agree but if I were to explain more this will be a very long post, so I'll end it there and give you a wiki link: good luck and have fun.

to rank them i think most will agree

Siren - best because she's great with the SMG and can move fast
Hunter - because of the blood wing and trespass skill
Soldier - because supplying amo and healing
Brick - he just sucks most of the time that is why he gets more shield and health than the other characters

you do need to play them all to get some achievements

here is a Skill tree you can test for the Hunter

and more info on him

The Hunter is best with Snipers and Pistols look for them and use them with your hunter

Personally I focus on the Bloodwing skill... since Trespass is OK, but you can do the same with a ____ equipped

my personal tree is:

5/5 Focus
5/5 Swift Strike
5/5 Deadly
5/5 Killer
/5 Fast Hands
5/5 Out for blood
5/5 Riotous Remedy
5/5 Aerial Impact
5/5 Predator
5/5 Bird of Prey
5/5 Relentless

with the points left i put them in

Fast Hands, Loaded, Hair Trigger, Lethal Strike

and then depending on if i use snipers more or pistols then Caliber or Gun Crazy


The Pestilent Defiler (Revolver) will be your friend. Keep an eye out for Volcanoes (sniper) too.

Personally, I've never wanted to play with any other character in BL but him.  I tried them all out, just to get the achievement but none appealed to me like Mordecai did.  I'd suggest looking at some of his "builds", to see which one suits you best.

Your skill tree will also depend on whether you wish to play alone most of the time or with others. For example, if I'm playing alone, I rely a lot more on my Bloodwing because it is good to have close quarters abilities. If not, then I would invest in the Trespass tree first. Listen, I'm certain there are plenty of questions you will have once you get deeper into the game. If you wish, you can add me and hit me up with a few questions whenever you need. I'll do my best to assist you.

Hunter is best char.  By far.  Access to rare items mods, loot boosting, ability to bypass shields, not to mention dealing massive damage.  

Siren is cool too, but IMO the ability to bypass shields without having a certain unnamed gun equipped is just beastly.

if you look at the best, regular, hardcore players of Borderlands they are all using Sirens, because she gets around fast... she also has rare item mod, can give a whipping with a good smg and mercenary ... and they know what weapon to have that lets you bypass shields.



Yeah I'm waiting to get one of those bad boys so I can finally accept duels from noobs with modded shields. :)

i use all characters but my fav is siren and hunter and brick.damage wise and survivality

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