Hulu Plus not loading

I've always had problems with content not loading in Hulu. Normally if I exit and restart the app (sometimes as many as 3 or 4 times) it'll correct itself. But now it won't show anything at all. I keeps saying it's unavailable, but the page shows it as working properly. I'm getting really tired of this.


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Same thing happening to me.  I tried deleting and reinstalling, but that didn't work either.

I called support about this issue and they told me to delete the app and download again. I didn't quite do exactly that. There is a button below "Delete" which says "Download again" which is what I chose instead. After downloading again, the problem was fixed. Hope this helps. If not, try removing app and redownloading. Maybe also try restarting Xbox. Phone support is not incredibly helpful. Sadly, neither are their knowledge base articles.

I'm having the same problem. It shows it's loading and then it crashes and goes back to the home page.

Same here. Starts to load and crashes to the home screen.

same thing started the other day load and crashes to the dashboard

I'm having issues with the Hulu Plus ap loading also.  It starts to sign in but then back out to the home menu.  I've deleted it and reinstalled it and it still doesn't work.  I even went as far as deactivating it and reactivating it.  When i did that method, it started to load the Hulu Plus menu, but immediately logged out to the xbox home screen.

Same here! When I'm logged in to Xbox Live and go to the app it tells me I need to be logged in so I hit the "log in" and it goes right back to the same screen. I sat on chat for 4 hour with Xbox and, added USB and master reset to my console. Nothing worked!!! They said it was my console because by the end I couldn't download anything. I was getting a error code. They said my memory was corrupt and I'll have to get that fixed, but the next morning after I messed with it myself I was able to download Hulu and Nuketown. Now I get the "log in." I finally tried my other Xbox Gold Live profile...which to my surprise it worked!!! I hope they fix this soon...because who doesn't want to keep jumping between profile to watch Hulu Plus is me!

I think its funny how this forum was posted in april of 2013, and now in the middle of October of the year 2014 People are still experiencing issues with hulu plus.Buffering constantly, failing to load at all, or just flat out crash. Its become apparently obvious that the issue is on YOUR end Xbox. Please stop being sellouts with your 'Xbox One Next Gen' crap and fix a simple freakin issue?