Huge Question!! *spoiler alert* (sort of)

Hey boys and girls.  I was browsing through youtube videos of ME3 and came across a certain one with the title- "All ME3 Info Thus Far".  None of the info on the video was news to me, until 1 minute 52 seconds into the video.  I perked up instantly, immediately exclaiming aloud to myself, "oh crap, I hope not!"


At 1:52 it says that - "Miranda Lawson will NOT be with Cerberus IF you took her with you on the last mission at the end of ME2."  Is this true?  I hope not because I'm pleased with how my Shepard's story is; ready for ME3.  But I thought Miranda said at some point near the end that she was leaving Cerberus, even though you didn't bring her along in the final fight of the suicide mission because of her loyalty to you?  If Miranda is going to be with Cerberus even after everything you did for her and showed her that TIM is an assss, then that's horse poop.



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Well, I never bring her on the last part (rarely any mission in fact) because she's a useless twit and shall enjoy it very much when Jack restructures Cerberus and Miranda's face...:-)

I doubt it; however, I wouldn't put it past BioWare to possibly blunder on something as significant as this. On the other hand I would wager that it doesn't matter if she's with you or not for the final mission, since she'll be leaving Cerberus anyway, as evidenced by the last cut scene.

I've played through ME2 so many times now, with a perfect run through each time, that I can't recall which save files I had Miranda with me. At any rate, an interesting observation, Megaman. :D

Arkham, I didn't say all that to say that she was my favorite character, love interest, or anything like that.  In fact, I'm one of the very few who has not had a romance with any of the team members, ME1 or ME2.  I think it's somewhat odd to have something like that in a video game, plus I want my Shepard to be a leader, not a weirdo who goes looking for the next person to sleep with.  I just said that because I wanted all the team members to be on the good side, an ally for me on ME3, no matter who I took with me on the last mission.   But like you, I hardly ever used her as a squad mate, only on Freedom's Progress and her loyalty mission.  The characters I used 98% of the time were Wrex and Garrus on ME1, and rotated between Garrus, Thane, Jacob (sometimes), and Mordin on ME2.


@Voltron, I mean Kirin  ;)  I hope you're right.  But while browsing through a few more videos, the only cutscene where Miranda actually resigned with TIM and Cerberus was this one: -  - just skip to 5:22 to see.  And it so happens to be that she's on the Suicide Mission too.  So I don't know.

She never resigned from Cerberus on any of my playthroughs eventhough I always give The Illusive Man the middle finger salute when he tries to convince me not to blow up the Collector base.  Afterwards, when I talk to her in her office, she only says, "for what it's worth, I think you made the right choice", of course while she's saying this she's sending off yet another progress report to The Illusive Man...:-)

I've had Miranda tell the Illusive Man she is quitting. A rather odd choice I thought since it is Cerberus which is hiding her sister.

@Kid Lochem and VoteDC; what if TIM uses Miranda's sister to blackmail her into staying put with Cerberus? While this may come off as petty, coming from TIM, it could very well be that he's taken Shepard's betrayal very too personal. Coupled with the fact that he's probably copped it BIG time from all the V.I.P Cerberus investors.

So, perhaps it doesn't matter, whether or not she's present with you in the final mission or sticks it to TIM, she'll end up staying with Cerberus for her sister's sake. Until Shepard gets around to saving them both, nes pa (no)? =)

@Ghost of Kirin;


Now that I can live with.  As long as there's some story related reasoning as to why she stays with Cerberus, instead of just something as petty as "she stayed with TIM and Cerberus because you didn't have her on your final squad on the Suicide Mission."

It's probably just as well that this is to be the last of the series for the writers sure have cornered themselves into alot of, well corners, and it really is bordering on soap opera status.  The big question KID LOCHEM has raised here, for me, is does having ANY of your squad members loyal at the end of the mission really matter?  If they're not loyal, they'll probably still help you anyway in ME3 because it serves their personal cause or the good of their own species...:-)

That explanation makes sense to me Ghost.

I'm beginning to think it probably does not matter, Arkham!  The only concerning decision or loyalty that I've seen with any ramifications thus far is with the Rachni Queen, (or so I hope!)  It seems that no matter what we've decided, who's loyal or not loyal, the story so far has come to the same point. (example, like your decision at the end of Arrival.)


Forgive me if I'm wrong or if I'm not making any sense, but I also saw "Renegade versus Paragon" as being "Dark vs. Light", like it is in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, but now I don't think it's like that at all.  The more I think about it, Renegade is more or less just being a jerk or a hardassss while Paragon is shown to be a softy.  And it seems that no matter what "path" you take, you're still ending up fighting against TIM and the Reapers.  Unless in ME3, BioWare throws us an Uncle Charlie and allows the Renegade Shep to be truly "evil", pledging his allegiance to the Reapers, where there'll be a scene at the end of the game with Evil Shep looking out the window from the Normandy high above the Earth, grinning as he watches hamanity and the rest of the galaxy's species to their certain demise.

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