I got drunk last night (no suprise there) but I felt the urge to download some STUUPPID arcade game, well unfortunately there was not enough room on my xbox to download, so i deleted all my ME2 files!  How do i get them back, i really dont want to play the entire game again just to get my romances and choices for the 3rd title.  Anyone know how to recover deleted data.  Damn you Canada! (disclaimer:  Canada probably had nothing to do with this incident. . . . .  probably)


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Nothing, your data is gone.  I'm sorry for your loss.  Mass Effect is one of the hardest games to recover from losing.

No Duddits, this is an unexceptable answer.  Im calling in a code 9 alpha alert.  I need to get my data back.

Sorry, but there is no way to recover files after they have been deleted on the 360.

You can't.

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Impossible, sorry bud.

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