I was playing on my friends world and we were in the nether mining glowstone and he died. So he said hey im going to revert it because he saved like 5 minutes ago. So after it was reverted I got back on and I'm above the nether. I was on a fat area of bedrock and you cant place anything so i couldnt make a pillar to jump off of and ****. I tried to walk to the edge of the world and i couldnt even jump of the edge because there is an invisible barrier. Seriously 4J, WTF i can't even jump off and ****. 4J fix this huge bug now. Because now i cant play on this amazing world we were making seriously fix it now.


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i wouldnt do anything like exiting out of the game or saving or anything like that while in the NETHER.

oh and thanks for warning us all!

sorry you had to be the guinea pig...

well this fricking is stupid. they need to fix it.

If you save the game in the nether bad things will happen.

well they shouldnt thats 4J's fault they should f up like that.

the game is still in BETA for the 360 version, same old bugs as before i assume. at least from what ive heard.

we get the old beta version, as in no bugs were actually fixed until the later updates.

keyword here being BETA.

the only reason they can charge so much for its download is because of promise of things to come. "eventually".

how they can even release a damn beta on xbla for 1600 points ill never know.

and the way xbox is for updates ect, it will take a loooong time to catch up to the pc version.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When the game was in this stage on the PC it cost around $20 and we all thought it was a wonderful deal, especially since it was still in beta and if you bought it then you got all the future updates for free, including the eventual retail version. Now that it's on the Xbox in the same $20 beta version, everybody thinks it's some sort of horrible catastrophe. You get the same game the PC once had at the same price the PC once had.

The same thing happened to my first world.  Had to start a new one, as there won't be a fix until the next update.  It should be here soon though.