HRI - Gaming Community (15+)


We are a fairly new gaming community and we have opened up our doors to new recruits. If you are looking to join a clan/gaming community to have some fun and meet new people while still being able to play competitively, then look no further. You will be able to participate in inter company teams and face off one another to prove who your teamwork and skill.

We have a code of conduct to ensure everyone is enjoying their time while as a member of HRI.

We also have a military styled ranking structure, which gives members the ability to climb up through the ranks and for those who would like to learn a vast amount about leadership and responsibility.

We are currently setting down onto Black Ops for the Xbox 360 and Battlefield Play4Free on the PC. We will also soon be expanding into Halo Reach and other major titles coming out.

And there is much more to learn about us on our site, listet above.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please check us out on our website or message me.

We are here to give you, our members a place to hang out and enjoy online gaming on a totally new level.


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i was in this clan full of kids don't join enless ur inmature

Because we let a pre-teen player join due to their brother was already a member and is 16 or 17. Sorry, I should of told the younger brother no, which might of made his brother quit as well. Both of those members are enjoying their spot in their community and are behaving well behaved. If you have an issue smallsdank, please come and speak to me personally and not reply immaturely to a public online community recruitment post.