hows the learning curve for the game

never played any of the GoW games but since it's so cheap everywhere been thinking about picking it up this weekend but have a few questions

1) is the mp easy to get the hang of?

2) are there a bunch of cheaters/glitches going on like a COD gamee?

3) do i need to play 1 & 2 to know what the hell is going on?


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thanks, think i will go ahead n give it a shot this weekend

Like everyone else said, the learning curve is pretty steep.  However, when you finally get the hang of things the game is so much more fun and enjoyable than COD.  Even the learning process is fun times, watching your self get blown to bits and all that.  Give it a try and have fun.  Plus there are private matches where you can practice against all bots.

Well put Billy... I've given this advice since Gears 1, the gnasher: learn it, love it and never drop it. Gears 3 has changed it up a bit with the different guys now but it all comes down to close range fire fights.



BUT stick with it - it's brilliant when you don't suck so much!


You'll never be as bad as I was....!

The learning curve can be steep but for a fairly experienced gamer, you're looking at a couple days worth of getting your back side handed to you before you really start catching consistant numbers.  As for cheaters and the like.... you won't run into very many at all.  Epic has a very heavy handed banhammer and it takes no prisoners and makes no exceptions.  

Big learning curve, you just have to fight through it

1) Gears does have a steep learning curve, but Gears 3 has casual mode for beginners which is much more forgiving and will allow you to play with those of a lower skill level.  Put in the time and you will figure it out, good thing about gears 3 is it isn't just a shotgun only game the rifle are very effective and the most important thing to do it play as a team if you want to win.

2) I haven't experiences many glitches or cheats in Gears 3 and I have been playing since day 1 (there were plenty in Gear 2).

3) Gears 1 and 2 are great games, I recommend them if your interested in the Gears 3 story.  Some of the more emotional parts of Gear 3 story won't mean much to you if you haven't played the first 2 but they are by no means necessary.