How's your romance quest going?

Was curious to see what everybody's doing in terms of their romance options? Staying faithful? Flip-flopping? Trying to juggle two?!


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Erm.....sorry, but the Shadow Broker has locked you out from my bedroom.  :P

First game it was Liara. Second game it was Tali. I think I'll switch to a dude this time around. Kaiden and male Shepard have some real tension going on from what I've seen so far, he might be the easiest to woo. It'd be great if Liara and Tali got mad and confused about it.

I romanced Liara then Tali. Liara asked me to choose very early in the game.... It was very hard for me to decide though. Tali has yet to make an appearance. I ended up breaking it off with Liara.

I want to stay with miranda but ashley seems to care an awful lot too. I think I went through alot more with miranda fighting saving the galaxy and everything with her plus she helped bring me back to life. I cant decide dammit! :(

I never played the first Mass effect, but in Mass effect 2 I was with Thane, I have yet to see him in this game.

Stayed faithful with Liara. . . until Traynor wanted to "play chess."  

Insert finger pistols here.