How's The Rebellion?

When you guys get a chance let us know how your liking all that new goodies :) I've unlocked everything but the new version of the Mattock, Quarian Infiltrator & Cerberus Vanguard. I've played both the new maps and don't care much for Jade but the other was pretty sweet. Also I had tons of fun (and laughs) using the Vorcha Soldier, INSANE! Overall this is a great addition to the MP so far.

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Vorcha Soldier can be a b**** to handle at times, but the flamer skill, health regen and stylistic melee attacks are so worth it.

Don't have my hands on it yet (at work). But I'm looking forward to trying out the new gear persistent mods.

Ok i'm gonna say it again because i'm a little upset. 2 million credits got The Reegar Carbine X, and Krysae Sniper X. 1 new cahacter, Vorcha solider. And a lot of none DLC stuff. Gonna take a break from mass effect now i think

Loving the new sniper rifle..makes guys go KABOOM and the self adjusting scope is cool

also it hipfires pretty well

Oh yeah! It's pretty awesome. People over at the bioware forums are already screaming & whining for a nerf, smh

I love the two new maps and I wasn't even getting tired of the old ones yet. Only new character I have is the Quarian Male and his grenades are amazing. I wish I could use them with my Female Quarian Infiltrator.

... not happy. Spent 850k... and all I got was the Reeger Shotgun II. Got other items (Black Widow I, Mattock II, Revenant III and a load of pistols) and enough XP cards to take my level 1 Engineer to level 16. I'm gonna be pretty miffed seeing other new characters running around.... AND I STILL DON'T HAVE MY #*&^*(@#!!! ASARI JUSTICAR UNLOCKED YET!!!

4 Packs (PSP) has nailed me the Reegar Carbine I (meh), Krysae Sniper I (Dirty good), Ex-Cerberus Adept (Meh but fun) and the Quarian Infiltrator Male (Meh).


So far nothing but the sniper has blown me away.  The Reegar + Ex-Cerberus Vanguard I could see being ridiculously dirty.

I got the male adept (not bad) Qurian (pretty fun to play as love the arc grenade and tact scan) reegar shotgun ( havent used it yet) I also got one of the new gear slot things that allows me to carry extra grenades hopefully I can upgrade it

After playing both of the new maps a handful of times I wasn't that impressed with them, they were just meh to me. Jade was pretty decent, it had sight lines that were varied and I liked the different spread out levels you could hold down. Goddess on the other hand, well I just wasn't that enthused with it not sure why.

I haven't received any of the characters, weapons or new gear yet as I only played 3 matches and the Spectre pack I did purchase garnered me more Turian Sentinel XP and an upgrade to my Geth Pulse Rifle. Awesome!... -_-

Did see a couple people running the new Cerberus Adept, looked pretty cool. I'm an Adept player so that's of course biased.

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