How are Treyarch/Activision going to tell who bought the Hardened/Prestige editions or Black Ops , Because alot of people (Some of my friends included) Did a FileTransfer thingy that let them use the maps online . So are they just going to give the codes to people on the leaderboards or people who have it in their download history?


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I think we're going to use the same code that came in those editions of BlackOps. I've downloaded the old W@W Nazy Zombies maps with that code, so I assume I'll do the same.

My guess is that they do a search of those who redeemed it through Xbox LIVE Servers and determine who actually bought it and who actually glitched it for the lulz.

I was wondering the same, to be honest. Treyarch never really made it clear how they'll identify the different versions of the game. I'm assuming Wolfzz is correct in saying that they'll just reactivate the codes for Rezurrection, or something similar to that. I guess we'll find out when Rezurrection launches at the end of August.