How will I know when to play against someone in my online franchise?

Hey everyone, I just got Madden here recently so I don't completely know how things work. I just joined an online franchise so I was wondering how will I know when to what day and time? Do I have to agree an a time with the other player...or something else? Thank you in advance!


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yea just message the guy over LIVE and see when he's available to play.  

Unfortunately  with  online don't.  Here is how it works...perhaps you  and your opponent have lives....Well sometimes it takes a few days to get a game in.  Well everyone else who has already played their games, lobby the commish to sim ahead....and he folds like a bad poker hand and does.....everyone  who got  a game simmed now quits....fchise over....Then everyone  who loses quits....Unless you  know everyone  in your online will fail.  Invest time in something you  have a better chance a lottery ticket.