How was your Skyrim midnight launch?

I went to my GameStop's Skyrim midnight launch and the turnout was pretty impressive, I'd guess around 75 people showed up. They had a ton of soda for everyone but no food like most of them do.

The only reason I went the midnight launch was because my friend asked me to join him. I had no intent of buying Skyrim tonight, I didn't even preorder it... While we were waiting in line, I asked the manager if I could still purchase it and luckily there were a few Xbox 360 copies left over. I decided to buy it on a whim and out of everyone who was there, I was the only walk-in buyer, haha!

The best part of the ENTIRE midnight launch was the raffle they held. They gave away some of the MW3 stuff they had left over as well as some Skyrim posters, etc. Over 20 prizes were given away and on the last, major prize, a 4ft Skyrim poster was raffled away. Guess who the lucky winner was? ME!!! I couldn't believe it, people booed me because everyone knew I was the only walk-in buyer, the GameStop employee even mentioned it. Even though I hadn't planned on buying Skyrim, winning the poster really got my excited for the game.

How was your Skyrim midnight launch?



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