How to use Kinect on Windows Vista?

How do you do it?  I can only find out how to do it on Linux and Windows 7


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I assume your talking about the SDK. Well, As long as you d-load all the nessasary drivers that microsft provides, kinect will work with vista.

heres an easy tut for you to use.

Also, If you cant find the info your looking from from the link i posted above, try Its the Offical Kinect SDK website. Go to the forums and post up.

I managed to get the SDK working on Windows Vista following this link



I had the same problem; not having windows 7. I used ORCA (microsoft msi editor) to edit the installer, to remove the check for windows 7(table: launchcondition; edit 'Installed OR (VersionNT >= 601)' to 'Installed OR (VersionNT >= 400)' ), and the SDK happily installed. Also all drivers seem to register correct, and the camera seems to work. Only the audio seems to need some extra work.


the microphone also seems to work, only the shapegame is complaining that some prerequisites are not installed. I can use the kinect as a normal mirophone. Would love to know if this will also work on XP..