How to stun properly

So the biggest issue I'm having is stunning, do you need to repeadily tap B or just once as soon as you are prompted? I find myself always ready to stun my attacker but their assassinate option always beats my stun.


is there a trick to it I havent grasped yet?




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Basically is a combination of spamming B and luck. You gotta be faster than your pursuer. Just so you know, whenever you are going to stun and your pursuer is going for the kill, he will always win. Killing has a higher priority than stunning, so don't rely on stunning all the time

thanks! I started to kinda figure that killing trumped stunning, I got into the habit of droping smoke bombs and running or then stunning versus going for the stun first. I like running around a corner and waiting for the attacker to run by a few seconds later and stun. out smarted them but the kill always trumped my stun grrr

I have found not running helps me to stun people.  If I am behind them, I get them more offten.

You have to "surprise" them. The easiest way to do this is with a smoke bomb, mute or charge. You have to make it so that there's a pause in them being able to kill you because if it comes down to them pressing x and you pressing b without anything in between? You will lose every time. Rarely does it glitch.The only way you're going to stun them without using an ability is if you sneak up behind them and catch them off guard. Or if they're new ha ha. Or.. there are a few seconds after they have just killed someone in which they are vulnerable to be stunned. So for example, if you're playing manhunt and your buddy beside you just got killed... you can avenge him and punch the guy in the face. Another way is to be sneaky and use disguise and then sneak up behind them and stun them, as they won't be looking out for someone other than their target.

Also, for team based MP you can put someone on stun-lock and rack up quite a few points. If you and a team mate are in an area and your pursuer comes after you alone (this is why you should stick with your team mates), you can surprise him with a smoke bomb or mute and then stun him. If you both lock on to him you can then keep stunning him in turn since it doesn't usually allow you to stun the same person twice in a row (or there's a delay at least). So by having your team mate stun them, it opens it up for you to stun them after. This way you're both racking up 200 points a piece every few seconds as well as the co-op stun bonus. Until of course their team mates notice and come along to kill you... still, you can get a significant amount of points on the defensive this way.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions :)

Like above, I forgot all about charge.  Charge is great to use.  I always like it cause you are not suppose to run "Toward" them, kinda funny.

Yeah, it's always kind of funny. Or there's that oh s*** moment when you hear the charge noise and you know you're going to get stunned. You can avoid it if you're quick though by quickly climbing something to get out of the way or throwing down a smoke bomb to break the charge. It's all about timing.

yeah I had the same problem but smoke bomb is the best way to stun them. Now the biggest problem I'm having is timing the smoke bomb.

just curious but what kind of idiot stays there to be stun chained? just press Y to get out of it. no need to let your opponents rack up points that way

Some people that are new don't know to do that. Or they think they can break out of it. Which you can if your stunners mess up their timing, but it's hard to do.