How to start "For the Republic" quest ??

Hi everybody,

I have the quest "For The Republic" but when I select it, I have no path to follow. I went at Hoover Dam Office and talk to Colonel Moore but nothing happen she just tell me to leave this area.

In my quests list I have, "House always win part 2", "Wild card change in management" and "Wild car you and what army"

How do I start the quest "For the Republic" ?

Thx for your help



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Did you complete 'King's Gambit'?

No, that reminds me nothing

OK I went to the ambassy and talk to Crocker. Thanks DecafKingRat :-)

Yeah you should get a note from an NCR fellow (after exiting a certain place) saying to go to Ambassador Crocker to start the quest, for anyone who doesn't know.