How to share Black Ops 2 Season Pass between two accounts under the x-box Live Gold Family subscription?

Hi! We have x-box Live Gold Family subscription. Is there any way to transfer or share Call Of Duty Black Ops 'Season Pass' among our subscription accounts?

Need the answer ASAP, before my kids start the real fight over it :)


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I believe it will be available to everyone on the same console.  

Everyone who uses the same console can use the content.


there wont be anyway to share it to another console, whether or not you're under the family plan.

Adding to Khronokai's post, unless the gamertag that BOUGHT the content isn't present on the console, everyone using that console can play.

The console that the content is bought on can be used by anyone on that console if the account that bought it is on it or not. For me this did not work for the season pass but if you were to use your account to buy the map packs as they came out on the system everyone shares they could all use it whenever. Then if you have your own console you can download it again and play it on there with the account that bought the content whenever your online so you could use them on 2 consoles at the same time.

I have this same problem. My husband bout season pass to black ops 2 and I made an account on same xbox 360 but I can't play the new maps but he can is there a way to share on same console with different profiles?!

as long as the gamertag that purchased the dlc is sign into xbox live you can share on the same console, there is a way to share between consoles as well, but i'm not going to explain that here on these forums

you can use it but once again the person who bought the season pass has to be signed in... personally alot of times i will sign in the person that has the season pass on second player while i use all the maps on player one

they should be on the same console

by license transfering it