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Has anyone here reset their career in Forza 4? I don't see any way to do it from within the game. If I go into the Xbox Memory screen and delete the saved Forza game for my profile would at do it? Also, does anyone know if that's something considered improper and could get me banned from Xbox Live or Forza's online server? In case you're curious about why I want to reset, I just don't like some of the choices I've made so far in career. It bugs me that you can't just choose to repeat some career events, as I can in some other racing games, since I'd rather do that than start over, but that doesn't seem to be an option. You can restart a race as many times as you want as long as you don't hit Continue, but once you continue there's no going back.

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You can delete your save and that will do it.

You can re-race championships again from the event menu

At the moment the only thing that I know of getting you banned from both is altering your save to have unlimited money, or creating very nasty vinyls/ designs.   As far as reseting your career I wouldnt advise it, as Prawn said just go back into the event list and re-race all races you didnt finish first in.  

Thanks for your answers. Maybe I just wasn't searching right, but I couldn't find the same races in Events. It seems like all the races in events have constraints, like only allowing you to use certain cars. For example one race I wanted to repeat was Laguna Seca. In career mode I could choose any car from my garage, and I chose a Lotus Elise, and chose a Spec race against other Elises. I couldn't find a way to do that in Events, or even to race my Elise at Laguna Seca.  There is a Lotus event, but it only allows a fee tracks. Thanks again.

Every race from World Tour is in the events menu. Sometimes they take some searching to find, but they're there.