How to redownload the Update?

Okay so I started updating the recent update, but it was taking too long and I was tired of seeing that popup every time I started playing a new game that the download has been stopped so I deleted the update.  However, now I can't seem to find the update to start downloading it again, and I believe thats why I can't connect to any servers.  Does anyone know how to start the Update downloading again now that I've deleted it?


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Only thing i could think of is to clear the cache and then when you put the game back in you should be prompted to DL, worse case you may have to fully delete game and retry.

Clear the cache?  Sorry, new to this.  

Love the signature.   You might have to delete the file.  The best thing to do is watch the xbox 101 shows or call support.

Since the large update you have to physically download and it doesn't prompt you when you put the game in, you'll need to either go into your HDD and find the partial bit of it and delete it. Now, you can try to go into BC2 and let it prompt you for it again once you try to get into a game. Clearing your cache won't work for this update since it's over a gig in size and not a patch. I know, because I've cleared my cache a few times and never had to redownload it. It's the Vietnam DLC without the unlock code and has some fixes in it to vanilla. That's why it isn't a patch you can simply clear from the cache. You don't remove DLC with a cache clear. If it doesn't prompt you to get it again, see if it's anywhere in your download history to get again. You can check your download history from your dashboard or the site.