how to record

hello all, 2 answers please,

- how can I play back the race and see it from different angles, or save it for later preview?

- in photo mode, when using the speed wheel, how can I rotate around the car?


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At the end of a race your given the choice to save/record the race, if you click yes you can then view it back any time you want from different angles etc.

As for your second question, no idea, dont have the speed wheel.

thanks Shaggy,

and what if I'm in free drive mode? it has no end, just abort and no option to playback...

hey guys,

in career mode after finishing a race, there is NO possibility to save the race for replay, why?

-I finish a race, drive thru the finish line

-it starts to simulate my driving at that point, but it is not a replay

-I can look at the finish table, times or continue

-after I choose continue, the points are given to me and I get a congrats message for finishing

-then Im transferred to the location of the next race

where is the problem?

Strange, I've definately saved a career race as I was on a race track (cant remember whic one, could have been Maple Valley) and I got the old Ford muscle car onto two wheels.

I'll have a check when I get home from work and write up a definative report on how you save your race.

Just a thought, do you have a hard drive attached to your 360? it could be that if you dont the game knows this and doesnt give you the option to save it....................just a thought.

I have the 4GB version of the console without a HDD ( I bought it this year with the kinect for my wife, but ended up playing myself ;) )

I have a 16GB flash storage connected. there is several GB of free space on it. there was no problem installing disc 2 or anything.

is it a known behavior that it doesnt work w/o a HDD?

I think it's a requirement for pretty much all games, that if you want to save replays, you must have an HDD installed...a flash drive or the 4GB internal memory won't cut it.

Trippul G is probably right.I have the HDD and at the screen where I can choose to see the race results,I am also able to choose to save the replay.I think this is also the screen that allows you to view the replay.

Sorry for not getting back about this (went to pub after work) looks like it is a HDD issue, shame seeing as you have a USB drive attached, hopefully it'll be patched in the future.

thank you guys, Ill gonna get one on ebay, I really enjoy replays ;)

just to let you know, after using a HDD with the console, the replay option works. also the rewind while playing is much nicer and live instead of a black screen... thank you all