How to properly use a tank in Bad Company 2



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I saw that is was 21 minutes long, so it looks like you put a lot of time into it. Good work.

"Your tank is more important than your life"This is good to remember.I also like the fact that you stay active when you are waiting for a tank to respawn.The amount of people that i see taking themselves out of the fight by sitting next to the tank spawn and waiting is unbelieveable.Im not a massive tank user at all but do sometimes use them for a change and this vid is helpful.Another good 1.

How to use a tank in rush but this doesn't help in conquest.

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Sure it does, the same tactics apply. >. trollin

One thing that sticks out to me is the gear that has been left by the attackers when they try to arm the crates. I've had my hands on blackhawks, tanks, and fast movers. Most people will just blow them up but I always try to fix them and use them so the other team can't.

How about a "Helo Vid" next?

the "proper" way to use a helo in BC2 is pretty cut and dry....first, you have to act  like a big sloppy DOOSH.. and TK anyone  within the same area code as the as to facilitate having your quality alone time with your precious

next:...forget objectives, forget air support, ...have your BFF spawn on your gun and fly straight to your opponents spawn...and steal their chopper...there, mission you and your BFF can have your bromanace as the two  of you uselessly circle the enemy spawn while the rest of your team is getting their butts handed to 'em because the enemy isn't in the spawn you're so attracted to, they're out grabbing objectives and kills from your obviously less important teammates

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How about a "Helo Vid" next?

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[quote user="II PARALLAX II"] as to facilitate having your quality alone time with your precious


lol... precious... precious...

It should be featured on BF blog tbh.