How to play hardcore mode.

Some of you may already know how to do this but a lot of people don't so here it goes:

1. Press 'A' on 'Multiplayer'

2. Go to 'Server Browser'

3. Next you'll see a list of all servers, to make life easier click on the right stick.

4. Now see a bunch parameters that can be either ticked on or ticked off.

5. Make sure that only Hardcore has an X next to it under Preset.

6. Press B and wait a second for the server list to refresh and there you go.

Also you can change the parameters to fit your needs.  I live in the West Coast so I made sure 'West Coast Servers' have an X next to it.  I find this to work better than the quickmatch, specially if you don't want a laggy game. 

Hope it helps. 


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doesn't always work.  This morning when i got up, ZERO hardocre servers were on ANYWHERE

You have to search for "hardcore" in the Search tab. Then find a server that has less than the max of 10 people waiting in line to get in (I know right?) and join that server. You will have to wait in line for about 10-15 minutes before you can get into a game. I've just been playing normal because getting into a hardcore game is such a hassle. They do not have even close to enough hardcore servers.

I have not been able to find a single hardcore server, everytime i try to find one it says there are 0 servers.