How to play character on another persons 360

Want to upload existing character to Cloud from HDD

then go to friends ( we both are gold members) and play my character)

which per lots of vague references appears possible but I find NO directions on how to do it??

Any assist is appreciated!!!


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just move your saved data to the cloud and make sure your friend has icloud enabled.  download your gt and there you go

Im old and slow

can probably figure out how to move data to cloud but could use a step by step


I need to download my gamertag to my friends Xbox (which WONT affect the fact its activated on mine correct?) then while playing diablo as P2 I access my gamertag how?

guess I need a step by step there too.......

Ok step by step.


From xbox dashboard or through the xbox menu, navigate to your settings tab and select system settings


From system settings select storage


From storage select cloud


From cloud select enable, cloud storage is now active


Once cloud storage is active, while still in the storage menu navigate to your memory of choice for your diablo 3 data(mem card, 4gb drive in black xboxes, hdd) and select the proper location


Once your mem unit is open, navigate to you diablo 3 save info and selectv move or copy and copy it to your cloud save location


Now on your friend's xbox, make sure your are not signed in, press the xbxo button on your controller to open the xbox menu, press "X" to select sign in and then scroll down to the bottom and select "Download profile"


In the download profile menu follow the on screen instructions to import your live account to their xbox and then repeat the first steps to make sure cloud is enabled on their xbox


Once your gamer tag and your cloud is enabled, mark cloud as your choice of save location(friend may have to move their d3 save to cloud as well, not 100% sure) and begin enjoying your d3 from any xbox.

gj crappy bark very well explained