how to play a downloaded song?

How do I play a song in RB3 that I've downloaded?  I purchased and downloaded a song but I don't know how to get to it from within the RB3 game.  On the Xbox I can see it listed under Download History.  Thanks.


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It should come up in the setlist, sort the songs by alphabet and find the song. HIT MOAR NOSTES!

You need RB3 to play a song in RB3...

I purchased one song through the RB Music Store on Xbox, and it does appear just fine in my song list..  But I purchased another song through the Xbox Live online store on my PC, and it does not appear on my song list, although it did get downloaded to Xbox - in fact I just "re-downloaded" it on the XBox.  It is a RB3 song - in fact "RB3 version" is in the song title.  Any suggestions...?

Go buy RB3.

RB3 versions ONLY play on Rock Band THREE. They won't work on RBONE or RBTWO. Only threeeeeeeeeee.

I have RB3.  Sorry if I wasn't clear about that.  I have the RB3 game and I am trying to play a RB3 song that I downloaded but for some reason the song doesn't appear.  

Ah, your profile shows RB1 but not RB3. Are you connected to xbox live when you're trying to play it?

You guys still post on this ugly mess?