How to move game saves from one account to another on my hard drive?

Is there anyway I can move my profile game saves from one account to another. My old account, the one I am posting from now, ran out of gold so I made a new account and  I wasnt the gamesaves for Saints Row 3 and my NHL12 to my new one.


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Most games do not allow you to move saved games between profiles. The ones that do are required to disable earning achievements after the saved game has been taken over by a different gamertag, so it probably isn't such a great idea even when you can.

Their is no way to move game saves from one gamertag to another. Any and all game saves are tied to the profile they were created on and can not be moved or transferred to another gamertag. Sorry but you well have to start over on your games or renew your gold membership.

Sorry GH but as Danno points out above, some game saves can be transferred to a new account but doing so will disable achievements while using that save.


This is a function built into the console and requires no external means to do.