how to melee?

Just started my 2nd playthrough of the game and can't remember how to melee for the life of me.  Thanks.


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Just gotta get close enough to 'em and then pull the same trigger that you fire your weapon with...:-)  

Oh yeah, thanks, that's right.  For some reason I thought you had to sprint to them first.

I also seem to remember being able to switch to my secondary weapon without pulling up the selection wheel (LB), is that correct and if so, how is it done?

I think its LB, and it switches to the last weapon you had out, sometimes it will randomly reset back to your pistol which requires you to fix it. (unless you want the pistol then your good)

Got it, thanks!

Perhaps the only combat improvement I like in Mass Effect 2 is the inclusion of the melee button.

Used to drive me mad when Shepard would try and melee a Krogan with Immunity on rather than shoot them.