How to manually set album/track info in Xbox Music?

Although my music library is correctly tagged and identified in the Zune desktop software, a significant portion of my music has incorrect or missing track information in the Xbox Music app.  While the "match album info" button works for albums with incorrect information, it is not robust enough to fix groups of "unknown album info" wherein several albums are mixed together.  Is there a way to manually configure the media information tags, or at least a workaround?  I'd really like to take advantage of the new features such as cloud synchronization and support the new service, but this transition will be difficult if I'm missing nearly 1/4 of my music's tagging info and with another large portion with incorrect tags.

Furthermore, although I have correctly attributed album information to a large portion of my collection, on computer restart the album info seems to have reverted to the point before information was added, which is really annoying.


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