How to Make the Most Money in Heists

Most of you by now have completed the game and are wondering how to make the most money in all of the heists and if you haven't then follow this guide, I can tell you from first-hand experience that these crew setups will earn you the most money. It can be extremely difficult to pick the right people in your crew as some of them will end up doing a rubbish job or even worse, die. In most of the heists there are always two ways to do things, an obvious way and a subtle way and sometimes doing a heist a certain way will earn you more money. 

Lets start with the first heist, you want to start preparing for this after the mission Fame or Shame in which you chase Lazlo and make him do a dance in his pants while Trevor records it. After you have completed this mission it will unlock the random event in which you encounter Packie McReary from GTA IV. You can find him trying to rob the dollar pill store next to Franklin's aunt's house as any character. Make sure you have a four-seater car. If he doesn't appear drive a few blocks and then come back, after a while he will spawn. When he does park up next to him and his stupid friend who forgot to bring a getaway car and wait for him to get in then lose the cops and drop him off. You will have then unlocked Packie as a heist member. When it comes to choosing your approach and crew for the Jewellery Store Heist choose B (smart) and Rickie Lukens (the guy from Life Invader who'll call you and be unlocked as a heist member after completing the mission Friend Request for Lester) as your hacker, he'll only give you thirty seconds inside the store but that's enough to grab everything. Then pick Packie as your gunman and Karim Denzs as your driver. This way your gunman will not die and you will be given pretty bad street bikes for driving through the sewers but you'll make it with the maximum possible take.

The next heist you can choose a crew for is the Paleto Bay Heist. Simply choose Packie as your gunman again, he's just as cheap as Chef, better skilled and won't die.

Next is the F.I.B Bureau Heist. You'll need to travel anticlockwise around the map on the main highway the route you chase those guys in the cars for Devin. Near a supermarket you can rob is a woman, Taliana Martinez, who you can drive home after she's been in a car crash. Be quick though as she can bleed out. If you are successful (make sure to save your game beforehand in case she dies) you will unlock her as a driver for heists. Your approach for the heist should be B (roof entry) and your crew should be Rickie Likens as your hacker again, he's useless but you can't still easily complete it without any of his skills your gunman should be Norm Richards and your driver should be Taliana Martinez.

Finally the Big Score, the Union Depository Heist. Your approach should be B (obvious) and your first driver (helicopter) should be Taliana Martinez, your second driver (train) should be Karim Denz and your two gunmen should be Norm Richards and Daryl Johns. Make sure to protect Taliana in the chopper when your escaping as if she goes down you will loose 1/4 of the take. Playing this final heist right will earn you 41,000,000 for every character.


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On the bit about the F.I.B Heists I meant to say you "can easily complete it without any of his skills".