how to lock onto a marked target with a rocket launcher

i got this game a few weeks after launch, and i'm a few hours from getting lvl 50 (if the servers work!) and i've never been able to succsesfully lock a rocket on.


do i just fire at a red square? do i hover over it and its meant to beep?

this honestly annoys me so so much! all my rockets just fire in a straight line and are unaffected by the tracer. all rockets i use are tracer compatible


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A little late to be playing but whatever.

Lock-on by holding the Designator over the Target until you get the Meters/ Rating/ Distance, fire away. You can Lock-on through objects/ ground and such (you don't need actual line of sight with the Target) and simply point up in the air afterward when firing your Weapon. It only works with the Carl and RPG, not the AT.

You need look down the rockets sights and and aim at the orange square, it'll start blinking (acquiring lock), when it turns solid (locked on) fire the rocket. Can't believe you're almost a 50 and don't know about this lol.

i know, its one of those things ive never figured out! i'm a great shot with the dart, now this will help a lot with heli's pilots!