How to kill Deathclaws? Help!

Hello All. I am level 8 and I am having a reeeeal hard time with these things... Tried dynamite and usual guns (magnum, 9mm etc) with no success... I had ed the robot with me and he did not help much which makes me thing energy weapons might not be the way to go as well...


Any hints?




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Well I still think that level 8 is still to early to take on a Deathclaw. You might want to consider doing some more missions and looking around until you seasoned up a bit. Trust me, even at level 28 with my prefect condition sniper rifle I still have to waste a bit of time shoot the hell out of it.


-I think the first thing to do is spot "it" before "it" spots you first.

-Get on higher ground (This is great cause if your high enough, the Deathclaw will run in circles while you have target practice. lol

-AND MOST IMPORTANT, A Grip of Ammo!!!

Now, this is not the only way to take them out but for a level 8, it might be useful

I haven't played this game yet, but played fallout 3. You may have to wait until you get to a higher level before you should face a deathclaw. Also the plasma rifle is good against them in fallout 3, but I don't know if it is as good against them in Fallout New Vegas.

my advice, leave them alone.

honestly they were a pain in my *** even at lvl30. Just do some leveling up and leave the buggers alone for a bit.

To kill a deathclaw you should always cripple one of there legs there too fast and they will always catch you if try to out run them. Once you cripple one of there legs there easy target practice they move about as slow as a turtle

at level 8?

Avoid them as much as possible. at all costs... from goodsprings, avoid traveling through sloan as much as's basically a death trap.

you lack the proper ammo/weapons, armor, and experience to kill them properly so early on.


don't attempt to fight death claws without Boone and ED-E, and only at at about level 15(with upgrade of your choice). never take on a deathclaw nest in FO:NV without an AntiMaterielRifle, and Annabelle(with HE and HV rockets). i reccomend This Machine and the AER-14 prototype as suitable closer range weapons, and should be in as high a condition as possible.


Don't Forget to give Boone a good condition NCR armor if you can get it(you will havee several oppurtunities later in the game to get it Legit, if you're on a good playthrough)

minigun is not going to help, high DPS but too low Damage.

boone gives the spotter companion perk(highlights enemies red), ED-E give enhanced sensors companion perk(longer range radar, VATS, and VATS on stealthed enemies)

energy weapons can work, if you're facing only solitary or two deathclaws at one time, for headshots with backup.


you need a strong armor and a high Damage threshold rating. Adamantium skeleton is a really good perk to have for fighting them because they can't cripple your limbs as easily then.


through sheer determination and trial and error, i was able to conquer a deathclaw nest at 15 with the right strategy, equipment and help.

once you get a sniper rifle and good firearm skills you can 1 shot them in the head with the .308 sniper rifle

I recommend getting a combat shotgun and just saving it for tough enemies like deathclaws, it works excellent.

I suggest you carry some mines with you at all times. and up your explosions skills too.

When a death claw is running towards you, you back up, and drop mines as you back up. Them mines will cripple a death claw. making them much less of a threat since youve taken their speed from them. The key to using the mines is to start back away and dropping them soons the death clow sees you and starts to run towards you.  Dont wait till the death clos is too close, then the mines are useless as they will kill you too.

You want as much distance between you and the mines and you want to put it in the path the deathclaw is running to get to you and drop multiple mines as you back away.

Thanks to all for the advices! I will work on it...

I'm running through on hardcore and even in the early lvl 20's it was tough, especially because they swarm you.  For weaps I'm doing guns and explosives.  I've been using the "Anabelle" rocket launcher to hit them early on, then using an anti-material rifle to finish them off.  You have to be very careful and save frequently.  Having power armor, planting frag mines in their path to you before getting their attention, and using long range weapon sneak attacks help too.  You also want to have 90-100 skill in the weaps you are using.  I would avoid them for now... if playing casual mode you wont have as much trouble as hardcore b/c they wont 2-shot your companions into permadeath or have a gradual health regain from stims.

Deathclaws are just the hardest creatures in the game to kill.  Steer clear of the road north of Sloan and the train yard near Nellis AFB

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