How to kill a death claw

Which weapon is the best to use? Ive tried lasers, plasmas, grenades, missles, pistols, flamers and incinerators and nothing does the trick. Im at a high enough level(28) where I figured I would do alot better, but still no luck


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Anti Material Rife with ap ammo

thanks I picked one of those up during HH but it needs repairs

Yeah AP ammo is the way to go, or just get a good sneak attack.

Sniper rifle with silencer, hit them in sneakmode in quarry junction, couple of shots does the trick, better if you have Christines sniper, better criticals and chance, in the cave, use followers to flush them out, again sneak mode try and get high or in an alcove where deathclaws can't reach you

With melee weapons they are really easy, just hit them once or twice and they'll fall over. You can even tea bag them mid-fight.

It depends. What build are you going for & what DLCs do you have?  Also what perks do you have? In my previous playthrough I was going for an energy weapons guy & when I came back from the Dead Money DLC with the Holo Rifle I fully repaired & modded it.  I was taking out Deathclaws in 2 to 4 shots with the thing.  I had all the Energy Weapons related perks & the perk that reduces  VATS costs by 10%. Only thing I didn't do was go after the Legendary Deathclaw.  

I've also used the Sniper Rifle, fully modded & repaired with AP ammo.  

If you mean Melee/HtH, heh heh good luck.  I've done it but only 1 on 1 & only vs regular Deathclaws, certainly not the mother or Alpha or Legendary.  There I recommend both Toughness ranks, all melee/unarmed related perks (piercing strike, the one that dazes them & I think there's 1 more that I can't remember right now)  & of course Pushy fully repaired & either medium or heavy armor with the armor perks.  

The YCS + Max charge ammo. 1 shot on most except the Legendary. He took two shots after he knocked Boone senseless. Plus all that stuff Randzz said. Weapons at 100 Strength at 9 with at least I think I only have one toughness perk. Oh and the side stuff from challenges for killing mutated animals.

Hunting Rifle with scope and AP rounds does the trick for me for long range, any closer and the Machine takes care of them in a few shots via VATS.

This Machine .308 rounds with armor piercing rounds and sneak attack critical.