How to keep water from freezing?

Here is the question. I dig a tunnel down 30 blocks 2 wide. Place a ladder on one side all the way down, and put water 3 blocks high at the base using a sign to stop it from going to far. I climb back up to the house above which there is snow on the ground. I jump down the hole a minute later to get back to the spawner and the water has frozen and I hit the ground too hard. How do you fix this or can't you?


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I'm pretty sure light sources like torches melt ice, try that.

Glowstone also melts ice..

ah, so glow stone behind the water. Sounds like a good plan. It was rather funny though. First jump to test ok. grab some stuff from the house, second jump, hit a block of ice.

Yeah, I made an igloo (before creative) and I knew torches melted ice so I used glowstone to light it up.

..didn't go well.

A block has to be above the water to stop it from freezing. You can place one at the top of your hole but make sure it is still above the water source block.