How to get up when knocked down?

is there any verified method on  how to get up when you get rocked and go down? Ive read mash the buttons.......also read rotate the right stick.........neither seems to be any better than the other........just wondering?


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Cover up and start flicking the left stick to sway and avoid the bombs coming your way.

Hes on about being rocked on the ground you CAN'T get up from it. the only way you can gt up is when the rocked stat has passed.

Was it good?

If your rocked you cant transition, you can trans a rocked fighter.

I dont think it matters, I think its a set time. I'd just cover up... as once your down they are gonna start raining punches.

How do you pull their head down and transition when rocked on the ground. Some people seem to do it all the time, especially out of side control. I know about blocking and swaying, but sometimes my guy lays there forever in that rocked transition phase and the ref eventually stops it. Should I be trying for a minor or major transition here?

When knocked down, I hit the LS button to stand back up.

If your rocked and on the mat you cant get back up until your normal again, rocked while standing you can still move around.


depending on your 'control set' the standard config is press right bumper and flick the stick up or down, this sways side to side