In 1992 a person got to Ermac in the original Mortal Kombat game. This is how you get too him. Get a double flawless victory on the hall of champions stage and each time you defeat your computer opponent make sure he/she lands in the circle under Goro. This is not a lie. I my self have not seen it done ,but i saw a photograph in 1992 in an EGM magazine. GOOD LUCK!!


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Except the fact that Ermac is not coded in the game, and was a simple gltichy pallet swap of Scorpion that appeared Red and was called Error Macro.

I remember that issue of EGM!! Here's a little more information on Ermac's fruition (with the meat of it being under 'Character Development').

Being in the arcade back then and hearing the buzz about MK secrets was such a neat experience. Of course 98% of it was total non-sense. Ermac in MK1, Skarlet in MKII, Living Forest stage fatality in MKII... all started as rumors, but Boon and his team ended up using them. Cool to see a developer do that.