How to get rid of weapons I don't want

I had some really nice weapons and somehow lost a majority of my good ones. I really liked the predator missle I got in the beginning of the game (lap top) and now a little while later it's gone and I also now have the electric shot guns that I don't want that I picked up from that scag team or whatever they're called. Is there anyway I can drop the ones I don't want? also can someone explain the stash of guns that are in each of the cribs because it's basicly the same guns that I have now. I also saw a gun today that an XBL user was using in my game today it had a scope on it and it calls in an air strike what gun is that and where do I get it lol. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a DLC :-/


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Go to weapons stores and upgrade the weapons you like, and from there or your crib, you can access your weapon stash and switch to whatever weapons you prefer to be active.

Awesome thanks Jameser!

You can also access Your weapon Stash at Friendly Fire.